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I was researching lightsaber colors to see if they have a symbolic/personal meaning. Everything that I read says that a blue lightsaber was used by guardians who fight light side and for skilled warriors and that green is for consulars who prefer negotiation and meditation to combat. It makes me wonder how someone nicknamed ‘the Negotiator’ that fights with the most defensive style ended up with a blue lightsaber (three times) and not a green one.

Hi there Anon!!! I know you sent this ask quite a while ago and I apologize for the delay. I wanted to brush up on my info before I answered because I wanted to give you a thoughtful reply. I actually find this kind of stuff quite interesting, so thank you for the ask!!

The information regarding lightsaber colors and their meanings is kind of all over the place, and some Legends details are completely contradictory to canonical details. So to help, I’ll break this response down into a few different parts.


In the original Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas’s intention was that Jedi would have blue lightsabers and Sith would have red lightsabers. As simple as that. End of story.

However, in Return of the Jedi, Luke’s lightsaber is green (and totally the coolest thing ever, in my personal opinion). So why did Lucas change his mind?

The reason is really practical and has to do with the final duel between Luke and Vader. The set was completely black, Vader’s costume was completely black, and Luke’s costume was completely black. The only colors on the set were blue highlights. The designers needed a lightsaber color that would really pop and contrast with all the black and blue. They decided green was the best, most vivid option.

So, as disappointing as it may seem, when the original trilogy was made lightsaber colors meant nothing. They were designed with practicality in mind.


In Star Wars Legends, Jedi chose the color of their lightsabers. They selected a kyber crystal with the color that represented their class:

Jedi Guardian = blue

Jedi Consular = green

Jedi Sentinal = yellow


Jedi who had blue lightsabers were considered warriors. They valued combat skills and were usually used by the Council and the Senate to defend the Republic.

Jedi who had green lightsabers were considered meditative and spent a great deal of time studying the mysteries of the Force. They made good diplomats and favored contemplation over combat.

I know Jedi Consular sounds more like Obi-Wan at first glance, but I really think he’s better suited as a Jedi Guardian. Though he is diplomatic and is known as “The Negotiator,” Obi-Wan has always been a skilled warrior, alway keen to leap into action. Just think of his first duel with Darth Maul!!

PLUS!!!!!! Think of it this way, if Jedi, according to Legends, chose their own lightsaber color, then that should tell you something about how Obi-Wan sees himself. He chose a blue crystal, he valued martial skill, he wanted to protect what he loved by defending it. Compare that to Luke and his duel with Vader. Luke wanted to protect what he loved by sacrificing himself passively.

I find this really interesting because Luke seems like a hothead always looking for action while Obi-Wan seems like a quiet introspective student. But I think they are both meditative students AND hotheads at the same time. I think both Luke and Obi-Wan thrive in action; their power grows sharper and more precise the more pressure they’re under. However, they both would rather not fight because they’ve taken the time to study and they both understand that their actions have dire consequences. In fact, I would argue that Luke has more in common with Obi-Wan than he does with Anankin.


Within Star Wars canon, Jedi do not chose the color of their kyber crystal. Kybers are neutral, or colorless, until a Jedi uses it to build their lightsaber. The crystal becomes attuned to its Jedi and then changes colors according to the Jedi’s energy.

There’s not much canonical material that discusses the meaning of the colors… except for Ahsoka’s white lightsabers that indicated her neutrality, being associated with neither Jedi nor Sith during the age of the Rebellion.


I wish their was a definitive explanation. I think it would be really fascinating if there was an official guide to why certain Jedi have certain colors. What do Luke, Yoda, and Qui-Gon have in common? And though Obi-Wan and Anakin seem to have extremely different personalities, the Force must have recognized common enough traits to give them both blue lightsabers.

Either way you look at it, Anon, Obi-Wan is meant to be blue 🙂

Legends Argument: Obi-Wan chose it himself because he sees himself as a warrior first and a negotiator second…


Canonical Argument: the Force chose it for him because he is more skilled in combat than he may even recognize or be willing to admit.