Bucktown is known for its trendy, inventive restaurants, its fashionable shopping district, and its residential architecture. The neighborhood began in the 1800s as a Polish working-class ward particularly known for its goat herds. Over two centuries Bucktown developed into an artistic, bohemian hub, eventually evolving through the gentrification process to become one of Chicago’s hippest neighborhoods. This evolution began to attract a new, affluent professional generation. Many of the old residences were restored or torn down and replaced with contemporary single-family homes. This modern mix of progressive ideals and the wealth of young urban professionals turned Bucktown into a creative community backed by financial means. The result was a strong sense of identity, present even today, that is reflected in the neighborhood’s ingenuity and architectural artistry. The Bucktown neighborhood has a bustling center along Damen Avenue, which is lined with trendy restaurants and upscale shopping. Gastropubs pepper the area, many on corners at the end of residential streets—perfect for a quick evening drink with friends. Coffee shops, tree-lined streets, schools, ornate churches, and parks contribute to the community’s old-world charm. It’s the perfect mix of urban living and family-friendly surroundings.